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American Culture: The Best in the World
A 45-Year Teacher Looks at Humanity:
Education for Students Who are Willing to Think without being told what to think by the crowd. A World Survey

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Only for people who are willing to think: meaning people who are willing to look at both sides of an issue before making up one's mind as to what direction they're going to lean in.
We might have to compromise on how strongly we stand up for our culture, but if we really understand it in context, we'll be less likely to do what so many are doing today, condemn her without looking at the alternatives and the realities of the world.

Proposition 1:
American Culture in Context: What is the rest of the world Really like?
Look at the culture of
Each Continent,
Each Culture,
Each Major Group: What kind of Shape are they in?

Proposition #2:

How did they get that way? What people started the culture and influenced how it developed the way it did. Were these people intelligent? Were they thoughtful? Or did the cultural practices just develop because some person in power had a funny idea and forced all of his people to do things in a certain way or they would be killed, and passed it on to their kids, who passed it on to their kids: Mathematical law of multiplication...(?) 1x2x2x3

etc.... and here we have the world...

What is a Culture?
A group of people who live in a particular place and do things in a particular way, treating each other in a particular way, especially their attitudes about women, about being educated broadly, and about how they train their children.

ie, Do they train their children to think? To look at all sides of the issue and at least try to judge rationally?
What percentage are illiterate?

How do they treat women?
How do they treat people who don't agree with them?
What is their attitude about a Supreme Being?

 The History of the World: The Strong Against the Weak

The History of the World:
No Matter what you call them, the people at the top are the same.
Conspiracy theories may be partially right (ie Illuminati, Bush Family, etc, but in the Short History of the world, the same thing would happen: The Strong - and the Rich - tell the weaker and the poorer what to do, no matter what you call them.


Proposition #2-The History of the World:

Have we done this before, and are we learning our lesson, or are we like the little kid pounding at the door to get out when the folks that went out before were eaten by wolves?

The people who don't remember history will repeat it.

The History of the World: The question is, if you don't have the present regime: Who will replace them. If the people who love chaos are in place, how will they treat the people they disagree with? Are they any better than the oppostion?

Look at the world


The History of the World:

The History of the World:The question is, if you don't like the present regime, methodically look around and see which of the models you'd like to replace it. Mechanically go around.

The History of the World:
We Ain't Been Here Very Long.
Not Very Long:
Not very many civilizations in not so many years.
So the first step in really understanding the world is to recognize that Human History isn't that long, and that we can know pretty well where we came from and why, without too much difficulty. tarting out...

Dedicated to the Proposition that Human Beings are Strangely Interesting, as we often do things which, if observed from a distance by an objective observer, don't make sense.

However, as is often the case with us humans, we do them anyway, sometimes to the detriment of our selves, our loved ones, our countries, and our culture.

Some of our odd behaviors are relatively harmless, while others are genuinely destructive.

This site will attempt to document a few of our inconsistencies, hoping to inspire enough self-examination to change a few things.

If that's not possible, at least we can laugh at our foibles and hope that we survive.

Starting outArnold Toynbee's view of History: Start Low, Go High: Go Down....

Are we on the way down because we don't recognize how good we are and are able to build on our good points and strongly reject our bad points, even if some people are going to practice the bad points anyway?

The Realistic View of Life: Some people ain't going to agree with us:
Not Cultural Perfection, but Critical Mass.
We can handle a certain number of people doing self-destructive things, but if it gets beyond a certain point, chaos will come, and the lives of most people will become unsettled.

Even when the present society is politically correct and allows any type of behavior to be considered acceptable, just because anything is acceptable, we should be able to be the humble opposition and be able to at least say, "That is destructive behavior, and should be avoided by thinking Tattoos.People should have a right to have tattooos


The Intelligent lover of humanity - loves people for who they are, not hesitating to communicate with them in a non-judgemental way, as a teacher, no matter what you are (find statement on Stuart's site - What's a good teacher?) but if asked, or given a chance to say so, that "It would be better if you did this in a different way if you want to have an easier life.
Not that I will like you less and be willing to talk with you as a valuable human being, but that if given an opportunity for advice - if I'm trusted enough to be asked my opinion or given a chance to state my opinion - lovingly - I'd say, "Wouldn't it be better do get tattoos in places where they won't be seen? or ones that are not permanent?

Society is teaching it's children - under the guise of "anything goes" and it won't have a later effect - do things that they don't think are permanent and they don't think will make a difference, but will. We should be able to at least say

The loyal opposition should be able to at least say, "It would be better to do this differently because of what might happen down the road.

I still like you, but based on the stuff I've seen, your life would be easier if you did this in a different way.



     More Important



         -Albert Einstein

The observations presented in this site are not necessarily the final conclusions of the webmaster, as they are more intended to inspire dialogue or self-examination than the absolute truth of human behavior. As a teacher, sometimes controversial things are thrown out to elicit good discussion. After a good rousing discussion of all sides of an issue, the most sensible views may eventually emerge.